Irish Healthcare, St. Columcille and St. Patrick


Irish Healthcare was established in 2018 with the intention to supply healthcare professionals in the United States with American Fashion Brands and Italian Designer Label Clothes, Shoes, Handbags, Watches and Accessories. Healthcare professionals are often highly educated and trained specialists, and who better to appreciate luxury fashion brands created, designed, styled and manufactured in Italy. Who better than healthcare professionals to appreciate our tag line - Retail therapy: quantum sufficit (as much as suffices)? Or the placebo effect of: Look Good, Feel Great!

Most of the brands in our online store are manufactured in Italy and shipped from Milan, which is also home to the eponymous world-renowned Milan Fashion Week, and many of these brands are perennial stars at this glorious fashion gala. Each purchase is shipped with tracking at a special Flat Rate so you can follow the progress of your order from Milan, Italy to the United States. And as an added bonus, sealed in with each package is a breath of Milanese air imbued with rich Late Antique aromas – just for you!


Why Irish?


Our founder is historian Dr. Bernard J. Mulholland who is also an environmental scientist, archaeologist, Byzantinist and Patristics scholar, and in 1994 was invited to join the New York Academy of Sciences.

The origin legend of the Mulholland sept (or clan) is intimately associated with the patron saint of Ireland – St. Patrick – as recorded by S.F. Milligan in ‘Ancient ecclesiastical bells in Ulster’, Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, 33 (1903), 46-57.

Milligan observes that:


‘Sixty years after the death of St. Patrick, Columcille uncovered Patrick’s tomb, and placed the Saint’s relics in a shrine. Patrick’s tomb was also found to contain three reliquaries containing the Saint’s cup, the Gospel of the Angel, and the ‘Bell of the Will’. Columcille distributed the cup to Co. Down, the Bell to Co. Armagh, and he kept the Gospel for himself. Later these three holy relics were each given over to the protection of hereditary ‘keepers’. The Mulholland sept are the hereditary keepers of the Bell of St. Patrick, otherwise known as the “Bell of the Will”.’


Some have argued that St. Patrick’s predecessors were sent on mission to Ireland by emperor Theodosius, and, of course, the links between St. Patrick and St. Columcille and Rome in Italy are well-known. 

Much later in A.D. 1091-1105 a new shrine was crafted for the Bell of the Will and a name inscribed on each of the four sides: Domhnall O’Lachlainn, King of Ireland (died A.D. 1121); Domnhall, heir to the abbacy of St. Patrick; keeper Chatholan O’Maelchallon (Mulholland); and also artificer Cudulig O’Immainen of Co. Cork who crafted the reliquary. Today this shrine resides in the National Museum of Ireland.

One branch of the Mulholland sept still owns the ancestral lands in Co. Derry.

Another branch is led by Lord and Lady Dunleath of Ballywalter Park, Co. Down.

And, lastly, there is the famous poem by Rudyard Kipling, Mulholland’s Contract.


Little surprise then that with such distant distinguished Irish links our founder identifies with his Northern Irish & British roots, as well as with his German connections.

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